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4×4 Truck Mounted Water Cart

The 4×4 Truck Mounted Water Cart is great for reducing down time due to water loss or for creating a central water collection point on remote sites. The truck is fitted with certified ROPS and is MDG15 compliant.


Carrier: 4×4
Width: 2.42m
Length: 6m
Water Capacity: 8000L
Weight: 12.5t

Track Mounted Water Cart

The Track Mounted Water Cart offers an effective solution for taking water into and out of areas not accessible by 4×4 vehicles. The cab keeps the operator high and dry when tramming through up to 800mm of standing water, and the rear tray provides transport for core trays and other bulky items.


Carrier: Rubber Tracks
Width: 2.3m
Length: 4.2m
Height: 2.45m
Ground Pressure: 0.24kg/cm2
Water Capacity: 4000L
Weight Tare: 4t





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