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The Right Tools


Second only to the right people for the job, is the right equipment, and we’ve got lots of both.

With so many available combinations of drill, carrier, down-hole equipment, and support equipment – Total Drilling can almost always provide a custom tailored solution to meet the challenge of any project.


To access the site, a drill may need to be:

The Right Tools - Total Drilling
The Right Tools - Total Drilling Acker pic - Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling

Drilling tools and methods must be selected based on the program objectives, anticipated stratigraphy, and within the capabilities of the particular drill. We can select from:

  • Solid Stem Augers in 2 sizes from 100mm and 150mm hole size.
  • Hollow Stem Augers in 100mm i.d.
  • Wireline Casing Advancers in 3 sizes from HQ to PWT
  • Wireline Diamond Drilling in 3 sizes NQ, HQ and NMLC
  • Air Rotary to 6 in. dia.
  • DTH Hammer to 6 in. dia.
  • 100mm and 125mm Sim-cas Casing Advancer System
  • Mud Rotary to 10.25 in. dia.
  • Push Tube Sampling

Sampling and Testing tools and methods are selected based upon program objectives, and must be compatible with the drilling tools and methods selected. These can include:

  • Continuous Soil Core – Wireline (HSA)
  • Push Tube Sampling
  • Shelby tube
  • SPT
  • Pneumatic Packer testing
  • Wireline Diamond Drilling
  • Vane Shear Apparatus
Drill on Platform Mast Up - Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling
Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling

The installation of instruments to obtain information is often required. We carry an extensive inventory of construction materials, and transport them to the job site in any quantities required.

  • Monitoring well construction materials
  • Inclinometers
  • Cassagrande Piezometers
  • Pneumatic Piezometers
  • Sample containers

Additional support equipment is often required to complete a project. We select from:

  • ATV’s, quad, track carriers
  • Self Powered Drill Barge
  • Water Trucks
  • Grout Mixer
  • Decon Equipment
  • 4×4 Service Vehicles
  • Communication equipment, mobile phones, FM two-way, Mine Radio
Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling
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