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Established in 2000, Total Drilling Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company based in Newcastle in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.

Since that time, the company has undergone planned and steady growth, and currently operates some of the most modern and technically advanced drilling rigs in New South Wales.

Total Drilling has lead the way in the development of innovative drilling equipment with advanced safety features. The company operates a large engineering workshop, which enables research and development to be carried out on an ongoing basis. All rigs are fitted with emergency shut off switches and safety cages.

Total Drilling have the capacity and expertise to drill to depths of 250 metres. We can offer Solid Flight Auger, Hollow Auger, Air Hammer, Sim-cas Casing Advancer, Mud Rotary, Pushtube, Nmlc, NQ3 and HQ3 diamond core. All terrain all wheel drive vehicles can get our equipment to the most difficult and remote sites to carry out drilling projects.

Total Drilling have long-term contracts with all the major Geotechnical and Environmental companies in Newcastle.

Total Drilling is committed to continuous improvement and industry best practice. Our prime objective is to provide a high quality, diverse, innovative and reliable contract drilling service to all sectors of industry. Whatever your project, whatever the location, you can rely on our promise of quality, safety and performance. 

About Total Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley
Environmental About Total Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley


Total Drilling operates the most modern and technically advanced fleet of multi-purpose drilling rigs in New South Wales. The company prides itself on its ability and willingness to undertake difficult and challenging drilling projects with an innovative, hands on approach.

From its base at Thornton, the Total Drilling team can mobilise specialised drilling equipment anywhere in Australia.


Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling

Chris Kiernan

Managing Director

Chris Kiernan has been involved in the drilling industry since 1978 when he started working for the QLD Mines Department.

Over the years he has accumulated a vast pool of knowledge and experience in the industry. In 2000, Total Drilling Pty Ltd was formed and became a leader in Geotechnical Site Investigation and Environment Assessments in and around the Hunter Region of New South Wales.

The company’s continued growth and development, and its technical and operational excellence, is mainly due to the leadership, accumulated knowledge and experience of Chris Kiernan.

Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling

Allen Ellis

Workshop Manager and Company Secretary

Allen Ellis has been involved in the drilling industry since 1982. Allen has been a drill rig Fitter Mechanic for the past 27 years. He has extensive experience in all sectors and in all types of drilling rigs.

Allen has helped Chris mould the company into its current form. Allen is a Company Director and responsible for purchasing drill rigs and workshop supplies.

Drilling Contractor Newcastle & Hunter Valley - Total Drilling

Senior Drillers

The company recognises the success of its operations rests largely on the drillers operating in the field. Total Drilling has an experienced team of Drillers, whose skills and knowledge ensure safe, efficient and productive field operations.