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Edison 2000

The Edson 2000 is suited for all standard Geotechnical and Environmental projects. It is relatively compact and can comfortably drill to depths in excess of 50m. The Edson 2000 can conduct every type of drilling Total Drilling offer including augering, rotary mud, rotary air and coring.


Carrier: 4×4
Width: 2.42m
Length: 5.5m
Height Mast Down: 3.6m
Height Mast Up: 5.5m
Weight Tare: 8t


The EnviroDrill is ideal for Geotechnical and Environmental projects where depths of less than 30m are anticipated. Its 2-speed head allows for fast changes between augering and coring by the push of a button on the operators control panel. Being fitted with all of the latest safety equipment including safety cage, dual pole isolator and emergency stops, this rig quickly separates itself from the rest of the pack when it comes to smaller drills.


Carrier: 4×4
Width: 2.2m
Length: 5.5m
Height Mast Down: 3m
Height Mast Up: 5.3m
Weight Tare: 6.5t

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