1. Two strategically located push button Emergency Stop buttons

  2. Physical auger guarding

  3. Hydraulic lockout function stops rotation in an instant

  4. Engine guards

  5. Lockout battery isolation switches

  6. Guarding of any and all rotating equipment

  7. Whip checks fitted to pressurised hoses

  8. Hose wrap around all exposed hydraulic hoses

  9. Long handled shovels

  10. Grounding device where required

  11. Safety hooks for winch lines

  12. Manual device for cuttings removal (wheel barrow/drum trolley)

  13. Amber flashing light

  14. Bollards or equivalent for sectioning off work areas

  15. Reflective stickers on equipment

  16. Spare PPE

  17. All controls properly labelled

  18. Strategically located fire extinguisher

  19. First aid kit

  20. Spill kit

  21. Respirators or equivalent

  22. Mobile phone with emergency contact information

  23. Operations manual

  24. Trained staff

  25. Licence staff