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116 Acker Restricted Access Drill

The Acker RAD is capable of travelling through a standard doorway, standing up the mast with 2.44m clearance (with mast extension sections removed) and drilling a 100m deep hole. With its own onboard power pack and wireless remote control tramming, this rig leads the Restricted Access drilling field in safety and efficiency whilst maintaining the full drilling capabilties of a large 10t truck rig. 

Rig Year 2011
Model Acker RAD
Carrier Rubber Tracks

Specific Dimensions



0.8m - 1.5m



2.5m - 4.5m

Height Mast Down 1.8m
Height Mast Up


2.44m - 4.5m

Weight 3.5t

Capability Summary

Solid Augers 25m (100mm)
SPT Test Yes Hydraulic
Hollow Augurs 12m (100mm I.D)
Rotary Mud

100m (75-100mm)

Rock Coring 100m (HQ,NQ, NMLC)
Downhole Hammer 80m (100-200mm)
Geo-probe Yes
Concrete Core 600mm (150-250mm)
Angled Holes 45° from vertical
Levelling System 4 Hydraulic Legs
Winch 1 Main -   1 Wire-line
Rig Powered Deck Deck Mounted
Control Type Cordless Remote

Occupational Health And Safety

Emergency Stop 2
Spill Kit Yes
Fire Suppression 1 x 9kgs
First Aid Kit Yes
Safety Cage Yes